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Transform your Organization from Legacy to Leadership

Leading Organizations Run Data on the Cloud

Cloud computing revolutionizes traditional IT infrastructure, transforming legacy organizations and unleashing capabilities that change the game at all levels and across all departments.

Traditionally, most organizations keep their data on-premise, believing this provides greater security and access. In reality, the opposite is true – on-premise infrastructure is proven to be significantly more expensive and harder to scale. Additionally, due to the difficulty of maintaining these systems, vulnerabilities that are easily eliminated by cloud-native solutions are able to remain, leaving organizations open to data breaches, malicious code injection, and worse. Even worse than security failures, the inherent lack of redundancy of on-premise infrastructure results in significantly increased downtime and instability.

Only the cloud provides a holistic solution for scalability, security, and stability. Furthermore, when your entire IT infrastructure is cloud-native, a galaxy of possible insights and integration options become possible. Every building needs a stable foundation, and the cloud provides organizations of any size the best foundation for future leadership in any industry.

Specific Ways Cloud Can Transform your Organization:

Cloud Adoption

Building and maintaining your systems on the cloud is the key to having fast, scalable, and secure deployments. That’s why transitioning from a single-server or local-server system is paramount as you scale in order to achieve your business objectives. We work with you to build and execute a detailed plan for adopting new cloud technologies that support future growth.

Cloud Solution Architecting

Our engineers are experts in building cloud solutions. We take a holistic approach to help you architect cloud implementations that solve your toughest problems. From data modeling and cloud networking to data storage and compute architecture – we build end-to-end solutions that leverage cloud technologies to their maximum effect.

Multi-Cloud Implementation

As business needs evolve, sometimes it is necessary to change cloud providers or add new cloud providers to the stack. We specialize in helping our customers find the best cloud providers and services to meet rapidly evolving business needs by facilitating migrations between cloud providers or developing a robust and cost-effective multi-cloud data strategy.

Database Modeling
and Design

Data is useless if it is hard to access, organize, analyze or use. Our engineering teams are experts at designing databases and data structures in ways that are robust and effective. Good design lets your product work better, faster, and longer with less cost and maintenance.

API Development

It’s one thing to have all the data, it’s another to be able to discover, access, and interface that data quickly and securely. That’s where good API development is key. Your data is the core of your business, and harnessing it is our superpower.

Agile Project Management

Managing an external team can be a challenge. That is why we don’t put that burden on you. Deep-rooted in agile methodologies, our teams are managed by experienced principal engineers. Account executives maintain close communication with you to ensure rapid progress in the right direction driven by your needs.

Dev-Ops and Automation

Deployment and production pushes are often a slow and arduous process. In order to help mitigate deployment failures, reduce downtime, and tighten the feedback loop, we work with you to accelerate your delivery pipelines through automated processes & testing.

Legacy SaaS Modernization

There comes a time when software inevitably reaches its end of life. Having a strategy to modernize your technologies is crucial to reducing downtime and increasing usability. Our engineers specialize in designing and making that transition so you can continue to bring even greater value to your stakeholders.

Your Custom Solution

We provide the best engineering talent and practices to help you build your product, whatever the need. If this list doesn’t have the solution you’re looking for, there’s still a good chance we can work with you.