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How We Do It

Custom Solutions To Solve Your Needs

Whether you need specialists to laser focus on individual projects, a dedicated team to encompass your entire engineering organization, or anything in between, we offer two collaborative approaches to ensure we deliver business value.

Engineering as a Service

Value Driven Engineering:

Engineering as a Service (EaaS) encompasses fully managed teams that focus on continuously delivering value through structured sprint cycles. We work alongside you to build an engineering roadmap, determine technical requirements, and build the right team for the task at hand.

How it works:

Our engineering teams define projects, identify needs, and groom backlogs using agile SCRUM methodologies to continuously deliver on your needs. A typical engagement starts at 9 months with no maximum time frame. Our approach is designed with the end in mind. When the engagement reaches completion, the handoff is simple with easy access to your technology and clear documentation. Our goal is your success.

  • Agile Project Management
  • Bi-Weekly Sprint Cycles
  • Daily Production Pushes
  • Talent Management
  • 24/7 Emergency Support

Project-Based Engineering

  • Clear Scope of Work (SOW) and Deliverables
  • Project-Based or Hourly Pricing
  • Specialized Talent Pool
  • Agile and Fast Execution
  • Easy Handoff

Focused by Design:

Project-based engineering is designed to get that one project done fast and effectively by bringing focus to specific cloud and data engineering needs. Projects range from technology migrations or upgrades to delivering new product features and capabilities, improving speed and performance, and strengthening security.

How it Works:

A typical engagement for project-based engineering is less than 6 months and is billed based on the actual hours worked by our engineers. We put together a tightly scoped proposal with a concrete set of deliverables that guides the project from start to finish. Just like Engineering as a Service, we design and build projects ready to hand off with clear documentation, implementing world-class engineering principles.


You own the technology we build. You get transparency about the work we deliver. You are assured that your technology is accessible, well documented, and owned by you.

Common Questions

Is my project too big?

Nope! Our Engineering as a Service will build an engineering team to meet your needs.

Is my project too small?

Let’s talk! Please reach out to us with any questions and we will be happy to work with you to evaluate the project.

Can a project grow into Engineering as a Service?

Yes. We work with customers as their needs continue to grow we can develop a dedicated team for them.

Can Axon deliver on software requests that are outside cloud and data engineering?

That is a case-by-case situation. For Engineering as a Service, we negotiate additional services as they are needed.

What if my project is a disaster?

Let’s talk! Bringing order to chaos is one of our specialties.