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Article | March 22, 2022

Responsible Innovation with CodeLaunch and AIKYNETIX

We believe in early-stage founders having access to technology, so we are partnering with CodeLaunch to pour our expertise into launching next-generation innovation.

Ashley Balstad

March 22, 2022

Axon’s founders banded together to find a way to collectively enable innovation. Like many before us, we navigated pivots and existential crises to get to where we are today. (We even tried building a couple of products ourselves, but that’s a story for another day). As a full-fledged technology consultancy, we see the chicken-and-egg problem founders have getting seed-stage funding but needing an MVP to do so, all while they are unable to fund the development of an MVP. Together with CodeLaunch, we are working to change that.

Axon empowers innovation for post-traction founders through collaboration with expert technologists, improving the likelihood of success for all founders. However, to get traction and funding they need an MVP to prove viability for investors. With a rise in non-technical founders bringing ideas to the table, most startups will face firsthand obstacles accessing the resources (money) and reliable talent required to launch an MVP, failing before ever acquiring their first customer. Enabling the creation of more MVPs will lead to more innovation, leading to a brighter future for all. Tackling access to resources and talent is no small task, yet CodeLaunch has landed on a model that does just that.

What if MVPs grew on trees?

By partnering with service providers like Axon, CodeLaunch pairs early-stage tech startups with professional software development teams to accelerate their trajectory toward MVP, seed funding, and beyond… At NO cost to the participating startups. That’s right, they are offering seed-stage acceleration without taking any equity whatsoever.

We first heard about CodeLaunch years ago when we were in Dallas, and we’ve followed them closely ever since. Our whole mission as a company revolves around enabling startups and helping them succeed, and so when we learned that CodeLaunch was coming to Houston, we knew we had to participate.

Owen Goode, Axon Collective COO

Through our partnership with CodeLaunch, Axon is donating our talent to build an MVP for AIKYNETIX, a Video Analytics App for Human Motion Analysis in running sports. In classic hackathon-style, we’re bringing our remote-based team together IRL to take AIKYNETIX from Prototype to MVP Running App in a 48 hour rapid fire sprint cycle in a race to the finish line against six other teams.

Aligned with a shared vision to use technology to improve lives, we drafted AIKYNETIX from a lineup of other cutting-edge startups. Having used a prototype to validate their market fit, the next clear step to level-up AIKYNETIX on their journey is a functional and user-friendly MVP.

This project doesn’t end at the hackathon, though! AIKYNETIX will take their newly developed MVP to the CodeLaunch stage on March 30, 2022 in a pitch competition won by audience vote. Fueled by their new Running App which analyzes video of your motion for better performance, AIKYNETIX will be able to secure funding and begin acquiring their first users! This is the awesome value proposition CodeLaunch makes.

Learn more about AIKYNETIX and join their Early Adopter program to be the first to test the new app at https://bit.ly/3pUfZlY

We need your support to WIN!

Join Axon at CodeLaunch Houston and cast your vote to help AIKYNETIX win! We have 100 free tickets for our community. RSVP using our VIP code CLH-VIP-AXON at https://bit.ly/3tKGzkc.

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Special shout out to our friends at Codelaunch

Jason W. Taylor

Raheel Malik

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